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Ee Chinese Cuisine (Eastin Hotel)

I recently had a food tasting dinner at the Ee Chinese Cuisine restaurant in the Eastin Hotel in Petaling Jaya. This is the venue for my nephew’s wedding dinner and we had a free food tasting meal for 10 persons before the actual wedding dinner takes place.

Here is a sneek preview of the 8 dishes that will be offered in the wedding set menu come 19th November 2011, which I am happy to report was excellent. If the restaurant can manage to provide the same level of quality and presentation on the wedding dinner night for the 20 odd tables, then, I can safely say that this would probably be a class above most wedding dinner sets that I have taken.

First off was the starter Four Happiness Combination Hors d’oeuvre which was nicely presented and tasty. In fact this course itself will probably satisfy the guests who would no doubt be quite hungry by the time this is presented since a typical wedding dinner would usually start only after 8:00pm.

Next was the Braised Shark’s fin soup with dried seafood and bamboo piths. As you can see this is a generous helping which should provide most would a second helping.

The “Gui Fei” Chicken is supposed to be one of Ee Chinese Cuisine’s house speciality which tastes better than its looks here. Admittedly we had to doggy bag part of this dish because we were already feeling full from the first two dishes and in anticipation for the remaining dishes to come.

One of the mandatory dishes for any Chinese wedding dinners is the steamed fish. Here we have the Steamed Pomfret with Light Soya Source which is adequate with nothing to make it stand out from what we are used to. I had to control my urge to ask for a bowl of white rice to go with the fish and sauce though …

The next dish was probably one of the best presented dish for the night, the Double Delights of Grass Prawns. This is was prawns cooked in two different styles and presented in the shape of a fan. Both the salad prawn and butter prawn were very good and the helping was generous to allow us all to indulge in this high cholesterol agent!

The vegetarian dish of Braised Mushrooms with bean roots and abalone limpet was a disappointment though. It tasted rather flat and the quality of mushroom variety used wasnot up to satisfaction.

The Hong Kong style Lotus Leaf rice was another highlight. Even though we were all more than full by now, the sight of the individual lotus leaf rice packets was too inviting for any of us to miss!

Finally, the dessert came. My wish for the “Malay Kueh” came true as it was included as one of the “Sweet Fancy Duel” which was served with Lotus Seeds and Lily Buds soup.

All in all the meal which came with a price tag of RM1,099++ met and to some extent exceeded our expectations given that this was in a hotel restaurant. I maintain that the Ee Chinese Cuisine restaurant in the Eastin Hotel is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Petaling Jaya and it is recommended for a more formal Chinese dinner with the family.